St John Tour Guide
Explore St John with Pam Gaffin,
the author of St John: Feet, Fins and Four Wheel Drive - the island's
most comprehensive guide book.

To make reservations
or to set up your custom adventure
with details of dates, number of people in your group, ages, interests and abilities

Custom Tours
Tell me what you are interested in and I will organize any combination of hiking, snorkeling, sightseeing by car, or historical exploration to suit your interest and abilities.
 For up to six people: Half day (4 hours) - $200    Full day (8 hours) - $400

Sample Tours:
Salt Pond - snorkel out to the fantastic reefs in the center of the bay, hike to the mystical Ram Head cliffs, create coral beach sculptures, learn how salt is made
Lameshur/Europa Bay -
visit historical ruins and learn how bay rum was made, hike to Europa Bay and see wild orchids, birds and ducks, then snorkel at a variety of locations depending on your ability
North Shore/Centerline Road Sightseeing Loop -
the perfect road trip! Lots of stories, animals to see, incredible picture postcard views at the overlooks, snorkel stops at whatever beach you like the best, maybe even short,easy hike at Cinnmon Bay or Peace Hill.
Snorkeling 101 - learn to snorkel at Maho Bay, visit the octopus, move to Hawsnest Bay and visit the underwater cave, or go to Cinnamon to snorkle to the airplane.
Cross Country Snorkels - snorkel from one bay to the next, visit reefs that most people never see.
Esperance -
visit historical ruins and graves, hike to Reef Bay for a snorkle
Annaberg and Waterlemon - visit plantation ruins and learn how sugar was made, hike along the shore to snorkel around Waterlemon Cay—one of the top snorkel spots on St John

 Brown Bay Murder Mystery Hike
Hike to Brown Bay, snorkel the fabuous reef and turtle grass. Then learn about what happened in Brown Bay the first few days of the St John Revolt and bushwack through the historical ruins trying to figure out where the bloody events took place.
Bring a picnic lunch, snorkel gear and lots of water.
Reservations are required.
$50 per person

Off Trail Hikes
Hike where there are no trails.
For very experienced and very fit people only!!
You must be able to scramble over rocks, get your feet wet, be able to bushwack,
all without spraining an ankle and with a smile on your face.
For up to 6 people maximum: Full day  (8 hours) $500

By Special Arrangement
Don't like to climb back up the hill? I can arrange for combo hikes where you walk one way and then get picked up by a boat, sailboat or kayak to go back to where you started.

I have been taking people hiking and snorkeling on St John since 1989, and was a tour guide for many years before that in Australia, Chile, Peru, Germany and the South Pacific. I am certified in CPR, First Aid, and Lifesaving and have taught thousands of people to snorkel.
 Exploring St John is my passion. I have hiked all the trails, all the ghutts, and am more than 3/4 finished walking the perimeter of the island. As a very inquisitive person, I have accummulated plenty of information over the years about St John's plants, animals, lizards, birds, fish, insects, rocks, people, history, legends and stories.
Click on the St John: Feet, Fins our Wheel Drive book cover below for a sample of who I am.

St. John
St. John: Feet, Fins and 4-Wheel Drive (updated in 2009)
by Pam Gaffin
… is a complete, easy-to-use, travel guide to exploring St. John. It tells you exactly where to go, how to get there, and what to do and see when you arrive. It contains everything you need to know about the island’s beaches and hiking trails, as well as its confusing system of roads, foot-paths, and goat-trails. Recommended by Caribbean Travel and Life and by many St. Johnians—since locals are NOT on vacation and can’t always take off from work to be a tour guide for their guests.
148 pages. 12 maps. Indexed. ISBN 0-9631060-9-0 
Price: $12.00
To order send a check or money order to: American Paradise Publishing, PO Box 781, St. John, VI 00831
Add $3.50 Shipping/Handling for first book book. and $1.00 for each additional book
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To make reservations
or to set up your custom adventure
with details of dates, number of people in your group, ages, interests and abilities